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Caleb Davis, PTA, LMT, CPT


Welcome to the Rekindled Body website! Use the navigation bar to read about my practice and learn more about my techniques, philosophies, and general approach to body work. I hope you can learn a few things while visiting my website, and if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, do not hesitate to email me.


My bodywork philosophy

Pain and loss of function are oftentimes a result of unresolved poor movement patterns. It is my belief that the human body is at its healthiest point when it is able to move often and move well, therefore it is the aim of my practice to restore proper motion through orthopedic massage, corrective exercises, and coaching.


My background

I started my pursuit of rekindling back in high school with my placement in a medical magnet program. It is in that program where my passion for assessing and treating dysfunction began. After graduating, I started classes at Armstrong State University (now GSU) in pursuit of a doctorate in physical therapy. Well, the economy hit rock bottom and my mother and step-father had to move out of state for a job relocation. I finished my semester up at ASU, then decided to get a license in massage therapy to pay my way through the rest of college (scholarships and grants don’t pay the bills unfortunately). It was there, in the Savannah School of Massage Therapy where my eyes were opened to the concept of total body treatment. All too often our education system pushes symptom treatment, or other superficial resolutions without ever bringing the whole body into the picture.


Fast forward a few years…


After practicing as a massage therapist for a few years, I was introduced to James Waslaski. James took what I was learning and multiplied it ten fold. I transitioned from simple pain management massage to full blown orthopedic massage therapy. From there I started working in a local PT clinic under the mentorship of Lisa Bettio (honestly not only the best PT I know, but one of the most genuine, loving individuals to grace the field of medicine). Under Lisa, my knowledge of general physical therapy protocol (from assessment to exercise correction) took flght, rekindling my passion to focus on the field of physical therapy.


Fast forward a few more years…


After obtaining my certification as a personal trainer, I then decided it was time to go back to college to obtain my PTA. The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn! Now, my focus is to continue my education (maybe get my doctorate) and one day become an educator, though I intend to never stop practicing as a therapist.


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